Data Analytics

Data analytics is essential for businesses as it provides valuable insights, informed decision-making, and competitive advantage. By analyzing data, businesses gain a deeper understanding of operations, customers, and market dynamics. This enables data-driven decisions, process optimization, and enhanced efficiency, leading to innovation and profitability.

Our Data Analytics Services

Thrive by leveraging our reporting analytics for predictive, diagnostic, and prescriptive insights. Achieve a 20% sales increase, 67% month-over-month growth & unlock growth opportunities with our transformative analytics solutions.

Optimize user experiences, personalize marketing strategies, and drive conversions with user behavior analytics. Leverage our expertise in user behavior analytics, including Google Analytics, for optimal digital performance

Target specific market niches through market segmentation. Implement psychographic, demographic, behavioral, and geographic segmentation for personalized marketing strategies. Say goodbye to undifferentiated marketing and hello to growth potential.

Our growth analytics and sales funnel optimization drive higher conversions. Leverage data-driven insights to stay competitive and unlock potential by utilizing specialized services such as:

    • CPC Trends
      Track fluctuations with the CPC formula to identify cost-saving opportunities, and optimize cost per conversion.

    • Conversion Rates
      Maximize each customer’s value, and enhance marketing strategies for increased conversions.

    • Average Order Value
      Utilize the AOV formula and optimize pricing, promotions, and upselling strategies to boost the value of each customer transaction (and your revenue!)


  • Seasonality Trends
    Uncover patterns and cyclic trends by understanding seasonality. Analyze fluctuations to optimize inventory, marketing, and resource allocation for peak profitability.

Implementing churn prediction and proactive re-engagement strategies can help reduce customer churn and maximize retention. You can also identify at-risk customers and deploy targeted re-engagement campaigns to win them back, boosting customer loyalty and revenue.

Harness the power of geospatial data! Make informed decisions for targeted marketing, recruitment, strategic site selection, and efficient resource allocation, driving growth and optimizing your operations.

Meet Ascend Analytics, Our Data Analytics Partner!

Ascend Analytics is an Analytics-Focused Consultancy firm. Their solutions are result-oriented, technology driven, with end-to-end implementations Including data & analytics frameworks, and strategic consultancy. With the help of Ascend Analytics, we’ll provide you with a steady stream of actionable insights to fuel intelligent technologies; visibility to boost relevance and revenue, and accelerate innovation!

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2-3x improvement in ROAS across digital marketing campaigns


Benchmarked for proven performance improvement and enhancing efficiency by 15%


A 5% increase in retention rate, raises profits by 25-95% A 2% increase in retention rate, is the same as decreasing cost by 10%

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